Schattdecor AG, Germany


Schattdecor is the name that defines dependability and trust all over the world in the printed decor industry.A company is driven by the vision to provide world-class printed décor to its clients. It was founded in 1985 by Mr. Walter Schatt in Thansau, near Rosenheim in southern Germany. Today, the company operates state-of –arts product facilities in Germany, Poland, Italy, Russia China, Brazil, USA and Turkey. Schattdecor is the world market leader in the printed décor paper industry. Schattdecor continues to integrate creativity, technology and science to produce marvels in this field.


From the desk:

"Since Schattdecor's establishment in 1985, we have developed into a high-powered décor printing group that provides the highest possible quality while leading the way in creativity and flexibility. We are still evolving and developing today, and it fills us with pride that employees and customers alike regard us as a special and particularly welcoming company. Along with our globe-spanning subsidiaries, we will remain a reliable partner in future and continue to guarantee, 'Made by Schattdecor' quality throughout the world."

Roland Auer
Chief Executive Officer
Schattdecor AG, Thansau.

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Decor printing is a process involved in the production of decor paper; i.e. paper printed to resemble wood or other materials and then laminated to a rigid substrate for use as the surface of worktops, cabinet fronts, furniture carcases, wall panels, windowsills and laminate floors. Decor paper designs can be divided into the following three categories:

  1. wood reproductions,
  2. reproductions and interpretations of stone, fabrics, tiling and metallic surfaces,
  3. fantasy and abstract designs.

Decor printing is a particular form of rotogravure printing. Within the Schattdecor group it involves use of white or tinted base paper that fulfils special further processing requirements, whereby tinted base paper is often deployed as an additional colour component. For environmental reasons, Schattdecor has solely used water-based inks incorporating heavy-metal-free, organic pigments since its foundation in 1985.The inks themselves are optimised with an eye to the processes the paper will later be submitted to and are extremely lightfast. Printed decor paper is sold to companies in the timber products industry, where it is saturated with resin and laminated to chipboard and medium-density fibreboard (MDF) for use in flooring and furniture.



Taking inspiration from the idea that 'success comes from being different', by Schattdecor presents fascinating design possibilities for use in interior and shop design, booth construction and architecture.

DIGITAL VISIONS provides unique designs for an individual furniture front or a supersize project which pass on creative potential, flexibility and extensive decor printing experience with a quality status and looks that are sure to be noticed.


3. UNIQUE COLOURS by Schattdecor

The perfect match for our wood decors:


New trend solids by Schattdecor

Trend expertise
unique COLOURS by Schattdecor offers trend solids to match seasonal tastes and your decor collection.

Homogeneous surfaces
Benefit from new printing technology for a velvety homogeneous surface, exceptional colour brilliance and a contemporary matte look.

Cost-effective processing
Innovative base paper with a final basis weight of > 70 g/m² will reduce costs in your impregnation operations.

Delivery in optimum quantities
unique COLOURS by Schattdecor are available from one ton onwards, reducing your procurement costs in comparison to previous product alternatives.

Consistent quality all over the world
Thanks to the Made by Schattdecor seal of quality, unique COLOURS by Schattdecor offer consistent quality plus fast turnaround all over the world.


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At Schattdecor, every production step is documented in a systematic manner and subjected to stringent inspection routines. This is how they achieve consistent high quality in keeping with ISO 9001, from the first to last reel.


Consistent quality all over the world

The employees at all our plants are provided thorough training, whether in Germany, Poland, Italy, Russia, China, Brazil, Turkey or the USA. It is this approach, plus use of standardised work sequences and same-system printing presses, that guarantees the consistent high quality of our products.



Carefully selected lacquers and resins, lightfast inks with a Blue Wool rating of 7 to 8 and optimised base paper play a central role in the high quality of our products. Plus our R&D staff is constantly engaged in enhancing such quality still further.


Environmental compatibility

Schattdecor's locations all over the world adhere to the same stringent rules as at the group's headquarters. The company leads the branch in environmental terms, as evidenced by use since its foundation of water-soluble inks that are free of heavy metals, production methods that go easy on the environment, wastewater treatment units at every plant, and annual ecological and energy audits.

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Full-process decor development

The Schattdecor group's decors are developed at one central place – the headquarters in Thansau, Germany – to ensure high design quality. Created by the Design department, the decors are digitally mastered by repro specialists and engraved onto printing cylinders in in-house processes. This degree of vertical integration enables Schattdecor to meet exacting requirements in terms of quality and flexibility.



What will be the trends of tomorrow? Schattdecor's experienced design team has the answers. These include forward-looking trend themes plus numerous best-selling decors, such as Bavarian Beech, Wallis Plum, Arusha Wenge and Coimbra.


Product expertise

If you are in search of printed decor paper with a foil or melamine finish, come to Schattdecor. For greater market success Schattdecor offer an extensive array of products and services for every surface finishing stage.



Customer proximity

Schattdecor's 13 production locations and 7 sales offices in various parts of the world keep the company in close touch with its customers and the needs and requirements of their markets.



Schattdecor's paper, printing, impregnation, lacquering and coating specialists collaborate closely across all departmental boundaries, giving them a broad understanding of processes outside their area of specialisation. It is this orchestrated expertises that enables the company to provide optimum advice and consulting on all aspects of decor production, post-printing and lamination.


Operational efficiency

Seen on a worldwide basis, Schattdecor provides the highest degree of operational efficiency, flexibility and punctuality in the branch thanks to three key factors: committed, well-trained and friendly employees; the largest stock of machinery in the branch, and standardisation of processes for consistent and high-quality results.

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