Deurowood GmbH, Austria


We are introducing Deurowood Productions GmbH, located near lake Constance in Hard, Austria. Deurowood serves the global impregnation market since 10 years. It shares 30% of the global market for hardeners and additives for paper saturation. Deurowood exports to more than 30 countries. Deurowood provides its global customers with technical support according to their needs. Deurowood products not only give better quality but also ease of handling and process speeds are substantially improved, reduction of wastage rates.


An important aspect is the protection of nature. The additives are constantly being developed from an ecological point on. Deurowood production GmbH provides its innovations one after another proof that chemical and environmental sustainability need not be mutually exclusive.


Additives for paper impregnation

  • Hardeners
  • Wetting, release and wetting/release combinations
  • Antiblock
  • Antidust- and surface smoothing additives
  • Additive for improved transparency
  • Modifier
  • Anti-foam
  • DeuroGloss
  • Additive with white pigments
  • Release Agents for wood panel board production

Laboratory and Application

Very modern lab equipment for analyses in the following areas:

  • Quality control
  • Product development
  • Product modification
  • Application


  • Full range supplier of additives for high quality paper impregnation.
  • Supplier of Release Agents for board production.
  • Provider of Resin-Know-how.
  • Supplier of process additives and functional additives.
  • Additive formulations are in line with environment.
  • Deurowood products are globally distributed by partners in Turkey, Latin America and USA.

Deurowood Partners

To achieve a strong, high quality and perfect ecological point of product is a cost-and resource-intensive development process. Deurowood focuses on in-house research and development on selected specialists that helps to manufacture high quality products and solutions for our customers.

Vits Technology GmbH

Vits is the world's largest and most capable supplier for impregnation exhaust cleaning and auto-resin mixing and dispensing equipment. Vits Technology GmbH located at Winkelsweg Langenfeld, Germany.

Industrial Weighing Technology GmbH IFA

IFA is a manufacturer and worldwide distributor of fully automatic gravimetric weighing, mixing and dispensing equipment for resin and paint systems. The IFA represents from mechanics, electrical engineering to software everything internally ago. IFA Industrial Weighing Technology GmbH located at Rosenweg, Rain am Lech, Germany.

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