Kingdecor (Zhejiang) Co. Ltd, China


About Kingdecor

Located at Qujiang Economic Development Zone of Quzhou City in Zhejiang Province, Kingdecor (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. was established by Schattdecor AG in Germany and Zhejiang Xianhe Special Paper Co., Ltd. as a joint venture on September 13, 2004. The company is mainly engaged in the production and sale of decor base paper. The company name "Xia Wang" (Kingdecor), derived from the surname of Schatt Family and Wang Family, expresses the best wishes for the friendly cooperation and mutual development by both families.

Shah International introduced KINGDECOR with a range of products during late 2007 in Indian market. Within a short span of 8 years, Kingdecor has grown leaps and bounds and now have annual capacity of 120,000 MT of production capacity for base paper. By that, they are biggest company in Asia and world's third biggest producer of base paper.With support and trust on our principal Kingdecor and our co. Shah International, we have established ourselves as one of the reliable partner for supply of base paper during last 5 years.




Kingdecor offers wide-range of eco-friendly solid base paper shades of top-grade quality which is possible with the help of advanced equipment and technology, strict production and process management and best service in the market. Kingdecor products have high market share in domestic and international market and good reputation. The fastest running shades of Kingdecors – Frosty white, Egg White, Cold White, Warm White, Light Blue White, Off White, Ivory, Mysore Ivory and Silver Grey . Availavable in from 60 gsm to 115 gsm in width varying from 123 cms to 186 cms.


Kingdecor offers print base paper used for décor printing which is available in different gsm from 50 gsm to 150 gsm.


Kingdecor introduces tissue paper for décor surface wear resistance which is available in 18 gsm. Salient features - Minimum tolerance in gsm; Good whiteness and transparency.



In establishing the joint venture, Schattdecor AG and Zhejiang Xianhe Special Paper Co. had to overcome many geographical, linguistic and cultural barriers, but thanks to adoption of the art technology and production equipment, their efforts have resulted on the most advanced décor base paper production facility in the world. Kingdecor took up production in March 2006, officially started business on October 18, 2006. It sells its high quality base paper in China, Southeast Asia, Australia, America , Europe and other regions.

Along with being the first company in the Chinese Market to produce high quality décor base paper, Kingdecor owes much of its success to the team spirit and corporate culture established by General Manager Wang Minliang with his 300 employees.


Top Rate Technology

Kingdecor takes a stringent approach in the sourcing of raw materials and is committed to the standardization of production process. Use of quality raw materials, high-precision automatic system control equipment and superior environmental protection technology contribute to the outstanding lightfast characteristics of the hundred types of base paper produced in various colors by Kingdecor in line with differing customer requirements.


Company Services

The company is characterized by flexibility, punctuality and high operating efficiency, and operates modern warehousing facilities for fast and accurate logistics.


Company Culture

Kingdecor maintains long-term cooperative relations with a large number customers and suppliers, has a full understanding of printing, impregnation, coating and other related processes, and offers its customers professional advice and first rate service.

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