VITS GmbH, Germany


Founded in 1928 by Emil Vits in Dusseldorf, Vits is the global market leader for impregnation lines as well as for automatic resin preparation system and purifiers. More than 900 VITS-lines are in production all over the world. 75% of the worldwide production of the decorative laminates are manufactured on VITS-impregnation lines. For each type of impregnated products VITS offers the best solution: from low and high end foils through to abrasion- resistant melamine floors, high-end workshops or weather-resistant exterior compact cladding.

Together with partner companies Deurowood and IFA it offers a new dimension in packaged impregnation technology. Deurowood supplies chemistry exactly matched to the particular impregnation process. IFA manufactures fully automatic resin weighing, metering and mixing kitchens; so vital to the continuity of the process. Coupled with VITS state-of-the-art equipment these synergies give the customer a performance and profitability unmatched.



Melamine treaters for the impregnation of decorative papers used in furniture corpuses or fronts have a long tradition at VITS. It offers systems for the highest speeds (VITS-Highline) while achieving an absolute minimum input of raw materials. The well proven gravure-roll coaster was invented by VITS for this purpose. VITS has the line to match your production needs from 15 to 115 million sqm per year.


VITS pioneered the protective layer technology and has supplied over 100 dedicated units (Patented ARP-coaters) for applying liquid overlay (AL2O3 Corundum) onto overlay or décor. Together with the sister companies, VITS supplies the complete technology for flooring impregnation including resin technology, additives and mixing systems.


With V its-lacquer coaters and complete lacquering lines for finish-foil production it is possible to produce high end finish-foil products (e.g. wall paneling and high-gloss furniture fronts) lacquered at production speeds of up to 400 m/min.


For final products, such as window sills, work tops, laboratory surfaces and drill boards for example, VITS has tailored solutions for you for phenolic resin and melamine paper impregnation. Our ARP or scattering aggregates enable optional use of corundum to improve abrasion resistance of the final product surface.


For the impregnation of core papers with phenolic resins for compacts, VITS has developed bespoke solutions on our laboratory treater prior to installing in the field. The patented VITS-rotary sheeter designs enable speeds up to 220 m/min and automatic stack changing to be carried out; reliably and without product wastage. Production of PF- paper roll to roll at speeds of up to 300 m /min is achieved for large HPL producers.


Vits prime focus is quality and customer satisfaction. The Vits quality assurance system ensures consistent quality and reliability of products and services. The maintenance and development of our QA - system is constant incentive to improve quality for us. Our external pavers are included in our quality assurance system. To ensure our quality requirements, the external finisher are audited twice a year by our quality managers.


It belongs to Vits Group, the Weltmarktfüher in impregnation and high-speed rotary cutters! For the individual processes of customers, it develops innovative and market-oriented solutions. Through innovation and continuous investments in research and development, it remains market leaders and inspires customers.


VITS is an owner-managed, medium-sized engineering company in the quick decision-making and a good working environment on absolute priority. The qualified employees are the source of success. The successful team is characterized by respectful, open and fair dealings with business partner and customers. Each employee is allowed to actively participate in success.

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